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Creative Direction

I am Phong Phan — a Danish Designer and Creative Director with extensive experience in building and leading multi-disciplinary teams capable of transforming brands and organizations through design and strategy.

As a digital native, I believe design and tech can build relevant brand experiences in an ever-changing landscape of opportunities. I have helped brands and businesses capitalise on these opportunities in everything from physical Interactive Exhibitions, Visual Brand Identies to immersive Digital Experiences.

Design Director & Partner at IDna Group
Selected highlights ↓
Founded a cutting-edge design studio and merged it with strategy
Co-Founded HEAVY™ in 2014.
Became part of IDna Group in 2019.

I co-founded HEAVY™ in 2014. Built a multi-disciplinary design studio, that developed everything from immersive spatial experiences to digital platforms and brand identities.

In 2019, HEAVY™ became part of IDna Group through a company merger. Our mission is to develop impactful solutions by bridging strategy and design.

Key highlights

  • Leading the design team on projects and managing clients in relation to design
  • Expanding on design services and developing new digital business areas
  • Co-Development and management of the company's Design Talent Programme
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Bringing the next generation of digital talent to business
In 2021 Netgen was sold together with parent company Moment to Axcel

Netgen is a Danish IT consultancy that delivers end-to-end IT services by bringing their clients together with the country’s brightest IT talents.

HEAVY™ was tasked to develop Netgen’s Company Name and Visual Identity. As part of the design, I developed a Motion Design concept in order to bring the brand site to life.

Together with our team at IDna Group, we designed a brandsite that fully made use of Netgen's immersive design.

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Unstoppable cargo bikes
– Inspired by Scandinavian Explorers
Laplandar makes
Heavy duty cargo bikes made to carry up to 150kg and fit a euro pallet

HEAVY was tasked to develop the brand name and visual identity for a newly founded Nordic cargo bike brand.

The first line of product were designed to be cargo bikes that could carry very heavy loads. Together with the client, we wanted to redefine what Scandinavian quality actually was. With inspiration from the Sami people and the long history of Nordic explorers – Laplandar was born.

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